As a graphic designer, my biggest joy is coming up with ideas and developing them into sketches and then watching them mushroom into a success through insights and serendipity.

Looking at the finished projects, they seem to work on many levels so simply, yet I believe that their strength comes from the structure of solid concepts, UX, UI, and rigorous execution. Graphic design inspires me regardless of the medium and I've created projects in print, web, app, environmental, and emerging technologies. I've worked with consultancies and agencies since 2005 and especially like collaborating with teams and clients to find the right solution that wasn't obvious from the beginning. I’ve succeeded in the creative environment of major Japanese companies and enjoy weaving our unique perspectives. I’m a permanent resident of Japan, fluent in spoken Japanese and intermediate (and life-long student) of kanji. When I'm not working, I'm an aspiring action sports version of Wim Hof, snowboarding and surfing around the cool island of Hokkaido.