Compact stories

Roles: Creative, Director, Art Director, Senior Designer

This is a sampling of some of the identities that I've designed. I look at these at the most successful as they tell quick stories that are condensed into a concise visual package.

Identities tell the unique story that a company has, their culture, and what they strive to become. I try and use the most minimal take on the this visual representation so that it's simple to decipher and also that it has the strongest retention.

This is done by employing graphic design elements and principals and then boiling down the design to exactly what's necessary. Adding in visual interest with things like positive and negative 

space, contrast, and typography are next and are directly tied to the concept. I believe that color and form have the biggest effect on how well we understand the identity so focus a majority of my efforts there.

I start the process out by having a detailed interview with the client and get directly to sketching. It’s not uncommon to go through a few hundred initial sketches before finding something that’s starting to work. It’s from that concept that everything lies and it can shortly be blown out into a finished design. I believe it’s that core concept that's discovered in the sketching phase that’s most important in identity design.