As a business owner there's many things to think about and focusing on what's most important is critical. So how can your business benefit from the power of design? And why should I be the designer that makes it happen?


I got into design in 2005 because I love how the combination of science, emotion, and art can create great design that actually gets businesses where they want to go. It's not flourish, it's all based on data that can be traced through every note taken back to the first meeting with a client. I've worked with local design firms and international advertising agencies with some of the brightest and best people in the business. I've created projects on branding, websites, smart phone apps, print products, advertisements, videos, commercials, and

emerging technological designs. That's a lot of variety and I attribute that to what I focus on most. Solving problems. I like to get to details with clients, hear where they want to go and then figure out what design solution (website, print ad campaign, rebrand etc.) will get them there. Over the years I've been doing this I feel I've succeeded in what I've set out to do. I've won some awards, which is always a nice stroke of the ego, but more importantly I've helped businesses get passed their roadblocks and reach their goals.


So how did design help my clients?

T-Mobile was looking to get more businesses on board as enterprise clients. But the problem was how do you reach out to busy C-level executives and then prove to them your mobile solution is better than others? I helped build  a campaign that was spearheaded by a guerrilla marketing package that held in it's inconspicuous FedEx

box, a handmade leather attaché case that when opened, played a custom produced video succinctly showing why T-Mobile's business solutions ranked far superior to their rivals. The result: over a doubling in T-Mobile's Business 2 Business customer base.


The Yoichi Tourist Organization was working in tandem with the Yoichi/Niki Wine Tourism Group to create an annual Yoichi Hina Wine Festival event. This event took place at the A-Brand hotel in Yoichi and served a selection of Yoichi's most prestigious wines. They were

paired with a course menu by A-Brand's executive chef and the event was MC'd by a Japanese sommelier. I created the brand and print/digital assets that encompassed the organizers goals. The result: tickets sold out and preparations are set for next year.